Discover the Next Cloud with Sphere 3D and Microsoft

Sphere 3D and Microsoft are hitting the road to present “Technologies to Power the Next Cloud” at Microsoft Technology Centers in Silicon Valley, New York, London and Toronto. These events will provide an overview of Sphere 3D’s technologies and solutions for the “Next Cloud” featuring Glassware 2.0 Windows container technology for application delivery and the latest in virtual storage technology.

Adoption of cloud-based deployment models continues to accelerate and so does the need for the evolution of the associated architectures and business models to ensure success. This means enabling new and innovative capabilities that support public, private, and hybrid deployments in the cloud.

At these events attendees will explore how new technologies are enabling organizations to easily virtualize and migrate legacy and Windows-based applications to the cloud. In addition, attendees will be able to participate in demonstrations of new container based technologies for virtualizing applications, regardless of their hardware or operating system platform dependencies, and get a glimpse at new virtual storage options for the enterprise.

Sphere 3D and Microsoft invites you to join them in Toronto on June 17th, 2015 from 10 AM to noon at the Microsoft Technology Center.

Microsoft Technology Center
University Room
22 Bay St., Suite 1201
Toronto, ON M5K 1E7

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