Org-Matters Solutions and the for Dummies® team launch the OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies®

Turning Chaos to Sanity For Millions of Windows® Users

Toronto, ON – February 6th, 2007 – Org-Matters Solutions Inc., an innovative developer of organizational products, with its key partner John Wiley & Sons, publishers of the best-selling For Dummies series, today unveiled the OrganizeMYTM Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies®. The product is aimed at users of Microsoft® Windows® XP and Vista, to enable them to grab, save, file, and track all their important documents and information.

Today’s launch was held at the TSX Broadcast Centre, and involved a global audience and feature presentations from all of the major strategic partners. In addition, there were displays and material from the broad range of companies involved in the development and distribution of the software — including BMO® Bank of Montreal Mosaik® MasterCard®, Carbonite, The Covenant Group, Sterling Marking Products, Dapasoft, Sony, Cyberbahn, and Keating Technologies.

The OrganizeMYTM Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies software turns chaos to sanity by enabling users to save and file all of their vital information in an easyto-use, pre-loaded file structure. In addition to the pre-loaded file structure, the software also contains life-tracking tools to help users record key details and complete pre-built “To-Do’s” for important life events and responsibilities. It’s all as simple as click-and-save, and covers:

Personal Finance
Net Worth • Investment • Retirement • Borrowing • Real Estate • Insurance • Warranties • Home Inventory • Household Budget & Expenses • Bills & Receipts • Taxes • Will & Estate • and More

Household & Personal
Personal ID • PINs • Passwords • User IDs • Vehicles • Prescriptions • Medical Records • Moving • Renovating • Career • Education • Pets • Travel & Vacations • Special Events • Weddings • and More

Small Business & Professional
Starting a Business • Registering • Incorporating • Bills & Receipts • Banking • Borrowing • Investing • Taxes • Financial Statements • Legal & Accounting • Insurance • Government • Franchising • Inventory • Key Advisors • Customers • and More

The OrganizeMYTM Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies is certified for Microsoft® Windows® XP, with Windows® Vista certification pending. The preloaded folder structure is set up in the user’s “My Documents” folder, and users can grab information from their OutlookTM and Outlook ExpressTM accounts.

“The concept is simple,” said Org-Matters CEO and product creator, Michael Schweizer. “Consumers are overwhelmed with key documentation in a life that always seems to be too hectic and stressful. We all know that of the documents that pass across our eyes and through our hands on any given day, a percentage of them must be kept”.

“OrganizeMY has built a functional software program that makes it easy to grab those key documents, save them, file them in pre-loaded folders, and store them logically on your computer,” said Robert Harris, General Manager, Professional and Trade Division, John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd. “This makes for a grand product fit with the For Dummies brand”.

“We approached this with a belief that many software programs are too complicated for the time-constrained consumer,” noted Schweizer. “If our goal is to simplify life and make it easy to save and file life’s key documents, then the software must be intuitive and easy to use — for everyone from my 67-year-old mother to my 17-year-old daughter. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring the Electronic Filing Cabinet to market under the umbrella of the For Dummies brand. When it comes to delivering simple, easy-to-understand “how-to” reference material, For Dummies has a unique leadership position. When people see For Dummies, they know it’ll be easy.

“What I’m really proud of,” added Schweizer, “is that the product is designed to track what matters in life the way that a busy everyday consumer thinks, not the way an accountant thinks. Our research and experience shows us that people want to know where they stand…what they’re worth… the up-to-date big picture status of what’s important to them. They don’t want to be forced to enter balancing debits and credits to get there. While there are some great financial management software programs on the market, they’re really for advanced software users who want to take the time to track every debit and credit. Our product is Life Management Software for busy people, who want to organize and save what matters, but do it as simply and quickly as possible”.

The launch of the OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies gave Org-Matters Solutions Inc. the opportunity to announce some powerful and unique partnerships that will benefit both the software users and the brand.

Starting Feb 7, 2007, BMO® Bank of Montreal Mosaik® MasterCard® cardholders will receive a statement insert allowing them the opportunity to obtain a free copy of the OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies (Personal Finance & Household version) through a download link from the Mosaik MasterCard selfserve web-site at

“Like the creators of the OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies, we too see life through the eyes of our customers,” said BMO Bank Of Montreal SVP of Card & Retail Payment Services, Mike Kitchen. “We understand that while we play a significant part in the life of our customers by helping them efficiently and innovatively gain access to buying and transaction processing power, we play but a small part in their hectic lives. Having a Mosaik MasterCard means getting a monthly detailed statement, a document of value and importance. If we can help simplify our customers’ lives by providing them access to an efficient software tool that allows them to logically store an electronic version, or scan in a paper version of their statement, we’re thrilled to do it. It represents a significant part of what it means to be a Mosaik MasterCard cardholder. We are here to provide innovative and helpful solutions to make our customers’ lives better and, wherever possible, stress-free”.

With the OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies, users are given the option of secure, affordable online backup by Carbonite, a trusted name in automatic online backup.

“By partnering with Carbonite, we have integrated what we consider to be the best-in-breed and most affordable web-backup solution into the features of the OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies,” said CEO Schweizer. “Carbonite, the chosen web-backup partner for Microsoft® Money, is a simple technology solution that will provide our customers with peace of mind. Users will know that, regardless of whatever catastrophe may befall their computers (loss, theft, or total destruction), their files are backed up and retrievable. That’s huge.

Retail sales and marketing will be provided by Keating Technologies, who will also be delivering world-wide live agent and web-based technical support from their award-winning call centre in Markham, Ontario. User technical support services are already available.

Having taken more than four million customer care calls in its 19-year history, Keating will provide OrganizeMy users with world-class support to ensure their complete satisfaction with the product. Larry Keating, President and CEO of Keating, stated, “The OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies is simple and easy to use, and its stability and utility reflect the kind of solution we are proud to bring to our channels, and to support with tech services. Users will see and enjoy the benefits as quickly as we did”.

“We have assembled an absolute “A Team” of strategic partners and alliances to bring this product to the market. It is this brand partnership approach that will ultimately allow us to achieve our dream of seeing the OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies software on every Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows® Vista desktop in the world,” said Schweizer.

Effective immediately, OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies is available for order at or BMO® Bank of Montreal Mosaik® MasterCard® cardholders may download the software at

For further information, please contact:

Michael Schweizer, CEO
Org-Matters Solutions

Public Relations Contact:
W. Daniel Mothersill
Ciris Group of Companies
416-368-8770 x222

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Carbonite was founded in 2005 in order to provide Internet-Based Backup for EveryoneTM. Although data loss is a very common problem, few people backup their PCs: existing methods of backup are tedious, time consuming and often too expensive. Furthermore, most don’t provide protection against PC theft, damage and natural disasters. At Carbonite, we believe PC users shouldn’t have to think about backup. Our mission is to provide an inexpensive, reliable and truly easy-to-use solution for the mainstream PC user; one that is simple, safe and always onTM.

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