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Overland Storage and Sphere 3D Host Webinar: SnapServer® Born in the Enterprise… Now Available in the Cloud

Learn How You Can Increase Your Pipeline and Offer Your Customers a Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

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Did you know that research from Gartner estimates that hybrid cloud adoption will near 50% by 2017? And over 19% of organizations manage hybrid clouds today with an additional 60% planning to deploy them over the next 12-18 months? SMB analyst firm Techaisle LLC validates that momentum in small businesses and finds that hybrid cloud is now being used by 18 percent of cloud-using small businesses (1 to 99 employees). That number is expected to grow to 28 percent in 2015—an increase of 56 percent.

Are you equipped with the right solutions to help customers benefit from their move to hybrid cloud usage?

SnapCLOUD™ is a hybrid-cloud ready virtual NAS appliance built on Microsoft Azure with enterprise grade data management capabilities. It is built on the same enterprise hardened GuardianOS® as the hundreds of thousand SnapServer® and SnapScale® storage appliances in data centers worldwide. SnapCLOUD has built-in (read no extra SW cost) enterprise features like high performance snapshots, end-to-end data replication, block and file-level access and central management for globally distributed private and public cloud deployments.

SnapCLOUD solves some key challenges for your customers with regards to:

- Reduce the CAPEX requirement for managing exponential data growth and convert them to lower cost OPEX model by offering pay-per-use model

- Save $10,000’s of cost by using built-in global data access and secured synch and share capability that is up to 16x faster than Dropbox

- Drastically reduce operational cost with central management of storage infrastructure from remote offices to central data center to public cloud instances

Join us for a highly informative webinar to learn how you can meet your customer’s business needs by providing:

- Cloud Bursting. This enables a business to accelerate projects or off load production environments with no upfront capital expenditure. Enterprises are seeing around 30% cost reduction by moving their development and test workloads into cloud while eliminating risks to their production environments.

- Personal Cloud Sync & Share data. With “Dropbox-like” convenience but with 16x more performance and without the vulnerabilities of public cloud storage, SnapCLOUD’s built-in Sync & Share functionality allows data to be shared between multiple devices and multiple users. No more need for expensive yearly subscription to store and access your own data.

- ‘Disaster Recovery’ site in the cloud. Enterprises spend millions on maintain backup systems that are unused for 90%+ of the year. With always on access to your primary data in the event of a failure, but using the pay for only what you use model reduces your DR cost drastically. No more need to stand up expensive data storage infrastructure in a secondary site.

Join us for this exclusive partner event to learn how you can increase your pipeline and offer your customers a hybrid cloud storage solution TODAY!

Register for the Webinar – Wednesday, September 9th 1PM EST