AirMapper™ Ecosystem Phase 2

NetAlly Announces Major Software Enhancements to AirMapper Ecosystem for More Efficient Workflows in Wi-Fi Deployment and Validation.

NetAlly is pleased to announce the upcoming release of software updates across the  AirMapper Ecosystem line of products:

EtherScope® nXG (and LinkRunner® 10G) software v1.4
AirCheck™ G2 software v5.1
AirMagnet® Survey PRO software v10.2
Link-Live v5.9

The major new feature is the ability to manage floor plans in Link-Live (upload/create, calibrate) and automatically publish (send) those floor plans out to one or more EtherScope nXG and/or AirCheck G2 units in their organization. This feature is NOT gated by AllyCare; all owners can utilize this new function. This capability significantly enhances our message and customer value around COLLABORATION, and SIMPLIFYING (and speeding) our customers’ workflows.

The second important enhancement is the ability to conduct ACTIVE surveys with both EtherScope nXG and AirCheck G2. This provides evidence of how a typical client device would perform, giving our customers enhanced VISIBILITY into their WLANs.

“This is an expansive update with multiple enhancements across the AirMapper Ecosystem, including simultaneous active and passive site surveys, and simplified project management in the Link-Live cloud service, saving our customers time and enabling improved collaboration.”

 Dan Klimke, Director of Product Marketing, NetAlly