Canadian representative for remote communications software appointed

Markham, ONĀ – Keating Technologies Inc. announced today they have been appointed exclusive Canadian representative for Close-Up from Norton-Lambert Corp., the integrated remote communications product for PC’s, PS/2’S and local area networks. Close-Up 3.0 represents a major advancement in communications software. Close-up is the only software to provide remote control communications, multitasking terminal communications and automated communications in one system.

Remote Control
Close-Up’s remote control communications lets support personnel at corporations, dealers, VAR’s and software companies support more PC’s in less time. Diagnostics, trouble shooting, software installations and training can be performed remotely using Close-Up, modems and a phone line, saving travel time and money.

Close-Up also allows remote high-speed access to LAN’s (Local Area Networks). Traditional network bridges are very slow, since they move all the data through modem lines. Close-Up, on the other hand, moves only screen changes, making it many times faster than old-fashioned network bridges. For example, if you wanted to sort a database remotely, a traditional bridge would transfer the entire database through 1200 baud modems at only 1200 baud. With Close-Up the data is accessed at full network speed, since only screen changes are transmitted and the database remains on the network.

Automated Communications
Close-Up 3.0 also provides for unattended or night-time operations with its Automated Communications System. It will automate anything you can do by hand. Close-Up allows communications tasks to be scheduled at night or during non-peak hours. This feature makes Close-Up 3.0 the only remote program to offer true automated communications.

Close-up requires no programming experience. It takes only a few minutes to create a task file that will automatically fetch reports from dozens of locations, process the reports and retransmit the updated reports.

Multitasking Terminal
Another first in the industry is Close-Up 3.0’s multitasking terminal communications. Integrated into the Close-Up software, the Multitasking Terminal allows simultaneous terminal communication and application processing. Users of Close-Up can collect electronic mail, print it out and save it to disk, all while they continue working on a spreadsheet or wordprocessor.

“PC users don’t have to wait for the multitasking power of OS/2, since Close-Up delivers multitasking terminal capabilities, right now!” said Richard de Mornay, Vice President of Marketing at Norton-Lambert.

The new Close-Up also has the highest level of security of all remote communications software. Some of the security features are: Password hierarchy, initial command line execution, multiple passwords, file transfer restrictions by password, as well as dial back security.

The program, which runs under MS-DOS or PC-DOS, is built to conserve computer resources and co-reside with any other software, even other TSR’s. The most obvious users of Close-Up are software companies, VAR’s, dealers and corporate support personnel who can use it as a cost effective way of providing hands-on customer support. Additionally, PC users on the road or at home wishing to access the office PC or LAN, or anyone involved in team problem solving, can benefit from using Close-Up.

Keating Technologies will provide in Canada marketing and technical support through a variety of services including an on-line support system. Close-Up is distributed in Canada by Softsel and Tense Lectronix Corp.

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