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New Product from DataLocker: Sentry 5 Encrypted USB Flash Drive

We are excited to announce DataLocker’s new Sentry 5 Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drive, a cutting-edge solution designed to provide uncompromised security and ultimate compliance for regulated organizations.

The Sentry 5 offers robust security, including password protection and AES 256-bit XTS mode encryption. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions, boasting rugged, waterproof, and tamper-resistant features. Additionally, it is compatible with various operating systems, making it a dependable solution for organizations that require strict compliance adherence.

The Sentry 5 is designed to meet FIPS 140-3 Level 3 standards and is currently undergoing tests at an accredited NIST lab. It is TAA-compliant and originates from a NATO-trusted supply chain. Sentry 5 is perfect for organizations that must comply with CMMC, HIPAA, SOX, SOC2, ISO 27001, NIS2, CCPA, and GDPR standards.

Key Features

Security and Compliance

– NATO-Trusted supply chain
– TAA-Compliant
– Designed for FIPS 140-3 Level 3 (currently being tested)
– Password protected with hardware-based AES 256-bit XTS mode encryption
– Read-only mode to defend against ransomware
– Mandatory password protection

Specifications and Performance

– Assembled in the USA
– MIL-STD-810F and IP68 certified
– Fast data transfer and secure erasure
– Available in capacities ranging from 8 GB to 512 GB

Ease of Use and Integration

– Zero-Touch deployment available (sold separately)
– Advanced device management via SafeConsole — automated inventory, policies, audit, and integrations (API, SIEM, SSO)
– Compatible with Windows® and macOS®; limited capability on Linux

In today’s world, where data security and compliance are paramount, the DataLocker Sentry 5 is the premier solution for protecting your organization’s sensitive information. Safeguard your data with confidence.

Fluke Networks Surpasses Milestone for LinkWare Live Report Uploads

Fluke Networks — worldwide provider of tools to configure, certify, maintain, and troubleshoot cabling infrastructure — recently announced a significant milestone of 100 million certification reports uploaded through LinkWare™ Live.

LinkWare™ Live is a cloud-based certification project management service that lets users manage assets and test results, set up testers and labellers, securely share project details and results, and keep track of every test on every job, including those delegated to (sub)contractors.

Network certification testing demonstrates that networks are installed correctly and meet manufacturer warranty requirements; LinkWare™ Live allows contractors to manage test results and equipment and provides proof that their work was done correctly.

“The rapid growth of LinkWare Live — up over 30 percent in the last 12 months — validates the far-reaching benefits it is giving contractors on a consistent basis,” stated Mark Mullins, product marketing manager and founding member of Fluke Networks. “It enables them to work more efficiently and saves operational costs in the certification process and provides their customers with assurance that the network complies with manufacturer warranty requirements.”

LinkWare™ Live is an included feature for Fluke Networks customers and works with the company’s Versiv product line to certify the performance of installed copper and fiber links.

Upcoming Client Webinar: Hands-On with Nmap & CyberScope

A Guide to Network Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment

On May 16th, Keating Technologies client NetAlly will be hosting a webinar about Nmap, one of the most popular and powerful network scanning tools in the cybersecurity industry.

Learn more about network security and the tools used to protect against cyber threats, including how the new CyberScope harnesses Nmap technology in a simplified user interface for complete site assessments — including endpoint discovery, segmentation testing, and vulnerability scanning.

Whether you are a cybersecurity professional, network engineer/technician, IT administrator, or just interested in learning more about network security, this webinar is for you.

Join them on May 16th at noon (ET) to gain a deeper understanding of Nmap and how it can be used to enhance your cybersecurity defenses.

Update: A recording of this webinar is now available here.

Two New Products from LapCabby: Lyte 10 Single Door & GO2 Mini

Lyte 10 Single Door

10-Device Static AC Charging Cabinet for Laptops, Tablets & Chromebooks up to 15.6″

The Lyte 10 Single Door charges 10 devices up to 15.6″ screen size – Chromebooks, laptops and tablets (including protective cases), POS devices, tooling and other chargeable equipment. Individual device compartments that store devices horizontally within a compact footprint.

It is built to Last with high-density materials, components and construction processes to withstand the busiest environments such as education, healthcare, retail, industrial and commercial. The fast charging ensures devices are ready to go when you need them. It also has silent charging with a unique ventilation system and no noisy fan.

Provides maximum security & safety with a lock that includes a 6 plate lever activation system and separate lockable power compartment.

Click here for more information on the Lyte 10 Single Door.

GO2 Mini

5-Device USB Charging Basket for Tablets and Smartphones up to 13”

The GO2 Mini charges five smartphones or tablets up to 13” screen size in vertical compartments.

Dual 5 x USB-A and USB-C charging, the USB-C ports provide power delivery of 30W which can fully charge a tablet in 2 hours. USB-A ports provide power delivery of 15W.

Portable & flexible, the fabric basket with integral power hub can be carried from room to room and be plugged in for charging, internal dividers can be adjusted or removed. Lightweight but built tough to the same construction as heavy-duty tool cases.

Refined, looks great in any environment.

Click here for more information on the GO2 Mini.

weBoost Releases Drive Reach Overland Signal Booster

weBoost manufactures reliable cell signal boosters for use at home, at the office, and on-the-go. Their latest vehicle-based booster is the Drive Reach Overland. The kit is designed to maximize connectivity for overland and off-road vehicles and allow drivers to go farther off the beaten path while keeping connectivity.

The Drive Reach Overland features a versatile mounting bracket that provides flexibility in how the durable outside antenna attaches to the vehicle, making it the ideal booster for off-roading.

Key Features

– weBoost’s most powerful omnidirectional antenna for vehicles
– Attaches to a vehicle using a T-slot, pole, or fixed mounting
– Outside antenna can be folded down for garage storage
– Comes with everything needed for DIY installation using the weBoost app

Click here to get more information about the Drive Reach Overland from their product page.

Wilson Electronics Acquires Zinwave Communications

Wilson Electronics, the industry leader in cellular signal repeater technology, has announced its acquisition of Zinwave Communications, the leader in distributed antenna systems for commercial buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, universities, and more. The transaction expands the total addressable market and extends Wilson’s capacity to serve organizations of all sizes, including major entertainment venues and large campuses.

Bruce Lancaster, CEO of Wilson Electronics is thrilled with this evolution. “Wilson’s product combined with Zinwave’s fiber-delivered [Distributed Antenna Systems] unlocks opportunities for us in both enterprise and middleprise spaces as we marry their future-ready technology with the existing offerings and pre-approved Part 20 access of WilsonPro in the U.S. This is a logical next step for us, and a big advantage for our current customers and future customers of any size.”

Click here to read the full press release.