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Why your bad cell signal isn’t necessarily the carrier’s fault – Troy Media

By Jeff Gudewicz on April 24, 2020

“If you find yourself cursing your cellular provider for the lack of cell signal, remember that it just might be the fault of your car or building’s construction materials or even that leafy tree to your right.

However, there is something the average consumer can do to reduce both 4G and 5G dead zones: install cellular signal boosters in their homes and vehicles. Cellular signal boosters from providers like Wilson Electronics and their consumer line, weBoost, capture existing outdoor signal, transmit it to the booster, and then amplify the cellular signal throughout indoor spaces so that dead zones are a thing of the past. For commercial businesses and buildings, there are cell signal amplifier solutions from Wilson Electronics’ commercial-grade brand, WilsonPro, that can improve cellular signal for entire office buildings, apartment buildings and other large spaces.”

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Left to right: Chuck Dykstra (Fluke Networks), Rick Neufeld (Keating Technologies), Eric Corej (Fluke Networks), Peter Hachey (Fluke Networks), Raul Villafranca (Keating Technologies)Left to right: Chuck Dykstra (Fluke Networks), Rick Neufeld (Keating Technologies), Eric Corej (Fluke Networks), Peter Hachey (Fluke Networks), Raul Villafranca (Keating Technologies)

BICSI Canadian Conference & Exhibition 2017 – Fluke Network Booth with Both Fluke and Keating Sales

Keating Technologies and Fluke Network partner together at the BISCI Canadian Conference & Exhibition 2017 on May 8 -11, at the Vancouver Convention Centre. BISCI is the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals and the conference which takes place every other year is for all types of individuals in the information and communications technology community.

On the Monday prior to the event the Keating and Fluke team invited a dozen Fluke Networks customers to Fluke Park in Everett, Washington to visit Fluke Networks headquarters. This was a great opportunity for the customers to meet Fluke Networks management, product developers and the technical assistance service group they interact with, and for them to ask questions and make recommendations on the products they use.  


The Wirecutter Awards IOGEAR with the Best SD Card Reader

The Wirecutter, known for their buyer’s guide of the best in technology, has evaluated 12 card readers from the industry’s trusted brands and has named IOGEAR’s USB-C 3-Slot Card Reader as the best. With the trend of new laptops adopting the USB-C ports and the decline of the USB-A ports, the Wirecutter focused on USB-C SD cards comparing their performance, physical size and ease of use. After the Wirecutter tested the 12 card readers on both Mac and Windows laptops, they concluded that “IOGear USB-C 3-Slot Card Reader is the best option for anyone who needs an SD card reader for a new laptop with USB-C ports. The IOGear delivered fast, consistent speeds, and supports SD, microSD, and CF cards.”

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Source: The Wirecutter

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MakerBot Named Best 3D Printer in THE Journal 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards

THE Journal, a magazine that covers leading educational technology for administrative, technical, and academic leaders in K-12 education has announced their 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards for their favourite technologies in dozens of categories. In 2016, MakerBot made a change in direction of their 3D printing solutions to focus on the education market, with the launch of new products, apps and resources, which has earned them the title of Best 3D Printer.

To see a full list of THE Journal Readers’ Choice Awards 2016 click here.

Source: THE Journal


Zones the Large IT Solution Reseller Enters the Canadian Market

Computer Dealer News has reported that Zones, a big American IT solution provider has arrived in the Canadian market. For the Canadian operation manager, Zones has hired Zameer Hussain to take the lead. ”One source close to the situation told CDN that Hussain’s growth strategy for the Canadian market is to go after the Canadian subsidiaries of U.S. companies that are already Zones customers. This is a similar strategy that was used by other large, foreign-owned solution providers such as Dimension Data and CDW when they entered the Canadian market.”

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Source: CDN

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NETSCOUT Announces the Release of AirMagnet Survey v9.0, Spectrum XT v3.8 and Wi-Fi Analyzer v11.2

NETSCOUT has now released version 9.0 for the AirMagnet Survey products:  AirMagnet Survey PRO, AirMagnet Survey Express, and AirMagnet Planner.  In addition to being fully NETSCOUT branded, this new release is focused on feedback we’ve received from our customers on ways to make the tool more valuable and usable.

At the same time, NETSCOUT will release Spectrum XT version 3.8 and Wi-Fi Analyzer version 11.2. These releases will also include NETSCOUT branding and user enhancements.

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