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Upcoming Client Webinar: Hands-On with Nmap & CyberScope

A Guide to Network Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment

On May 16th, Keating Technologies client NetAlly will be hosting a webinar about Nmap, one of the most popular and powerful network scanning tools in the cybersecurity industry.

Learn more about network security and the tools used to protect against cyber threats, including how the new CyberScope harnesses Nmap technology in a simplified user interface for complete site assessments — including endpoint discovery, segmentation testing, and vulnerability scanning.

Whether you are a cybersecurity professional, network engineer/technician, IT administrator, or just interested in learning more about network security, this webinar is for you.

Join them on May 16th at noon (ET) to gain a deeper understanding of Nmap and how it can be used to enhance your cybersecurity defenses.

Update: A recording of this webinar is now available here.

Two New Products from LapCabby: Lyte 10 Single Door & GO2 Mini

Lyte 10 Single Door

10-Device Static AC Charging Cabinet for Laptops, Tablets & Chromebooks up to 15.6″

The Lyte 10 Single Door charges 10 devices up to 15.6″ screen size – Chromebooks, laptops and tablets (including protective cases), POS devices, tooling and other chargeable equipment. Individual device compartments that store devices horizontally within a compact footprint.

It is built to Last with high-density materials, components and construction processes to withstand the busiest environments such as education, healthcare, retail, industrial and commercial. The fast charging ensures devices are ready to go when you need them. It also has silent charging with a unique ventilation system and no noisy fan.

Provides maximum security & safety with a lock that includes a 6 plate lever activation system and separate lockable power compartment.

Click here for more information on the Lyte 10 Single Door.

GO2 Mini

5-Device USB Charging Basket for Tablets and Smartphones up to 13”

The GO2 Mini charges five smartphones or tablets up to 13” screen size in vertical compartments.

Dual 5 x USB-A and USB-C charging, the USB-C ports provide power delivery of 30W which can fully charge a tablet in 2 hours. USB-A ports provide power delivery of 15W.

Portable & flexible, the fabric basket with integral power hub can be carried from room to room and be plugged in for charging, internal dividers can be adjusted or removed. Lightweight but built tough to the same construction as heavy-duty tool cases.

Refined, looks great in any environment.

Click here for more information on the GO2 Mini.

Constant Contact provides Canadian Anti-Spam (CASL) compliance

Spam is becoming an increasingly troublesome issue for companies and consumers alike, giving email a bad name as a promotional tool, despite its longstanding strong reputation for a quality marketing opportunity. In fact, a study by email intelligence firm Return Path found that nearly 70 percent of spam complaints and 60 percent of all resources caught within spam traps derive from content sent from marketers.

Experts often state that this high volume underscores the need for companies to keep track of their target lists and only reach out to prospective and existing customers who may be interested in their brand. This is something that email marketing leader Constant Contact specializes in, as its unique double opt-in strategy ensures that all recipients are willing to receive advertisements and other content.

Broadcasting emails is a common practice among marketers, as it allows teams to develop a page worth of content that can be sent to a range of end-users. Unfortunately, many of these resources are quickly classified as spam. The good news is that Contact Contact’s email marketing solution enables firms of all sizes to keep their broadcast email strategies within the confines of increasingly tightening compliance regulations.

What about CASL?
Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) was passed in December 2010 and is expected to come into action by July 1, 2014. When the law is in effect, it will essentially prohibit organizations from sending consumers, partners and any other recipients content without that person’s consent. The act is not specified to any one type of media, which means that businesses must be careful who they send broadcast content to through emails, text messages and social networking websites.

Constant Contact has a product that meets all CASL compliance requirements due to its confirmed opt-in process. This means that prospective recipients who submit their email addresses to companies automatically receive a confirmation email through that account. If individuals do not physically click on the link within the body of the email or send a reply message, they cannot be sent content again.

This capability allows organizations using Constant Contact’s managed platform to meet all anti-spam legislation because the only individuals who will receive marketing content will have confirmed twice. Businesses that want to develop a strong marketing reputation without overstepping the bounds of prospective customers – or Canadian law – should consider working with Constant Contact to develop a double opt-in marketing strategy that works for them.