Fluke Networks and Silver Fox Add Integration Between LinkWare Live and Labacus Innovator

LinkWare Live is a cloud-based certification project management service from Fluke Networks that lets users manage assets and test results, set up testers and labellers, securely share project details and results, and keep track of every test on every job, including those delegated to (sub)contractors.

With over 120 million uploads to date, LinkWare Live is streamlining the cabling certification process for more contractors than ever. To make the service even more useful for industry professionals, Fluke Networks has announced integration between LinkWare Live and Labacus Innovator software, developed by Silver Fox.

UK-based Silver Fox is the leading manufacturer of cable and equipment labels, and developers of the unique Fox-in-a-Box thermal printer and Labacus Innovator software which are trusted by telecoms and engineers the world over to solve their large-scale labelling challenges.

Key Features

Cloud-Based Data Sharing
Upload test results directly from Fluke Networks testers to the cloud, minimizing manual errors. Results are automatically uploaded to LinkWare Live, providing a cloud-based repository for all your project data.

Labacus Innovator downloads data from the Linkware Live cloud, ensuring that the test data directly informs the label creation process, eliminating manual entry and potential for error.

Label Creation and Printing
Within the Labacus Innovator software, select the cable IDs and equipment properties from LinkWare Live to generate labels. The software offers a range of templates and customization options to meet specific project requirements.

Once labels are designed, they can be printed directly from the Fox-in-a-Box or a standard laser printer onto high-quality, durable labels. These labels are then ready to be applied to the corresponding cables and components, ensuring that every element is clearly marked and traceable back to its test results.

Real-Time Project Management
Monitor projects on any device, gaining immediate insight into status and progress. Integration enables direct generation of labels from test results, streamlining workflows.

Share test data and reports effortlessly, improving team collaboration. The combination with Silver Fox’s labelling solutions means consistent and accurate labels are ready for printing and application, directly from the platform.

Asset Management
Track testing devices’ calibration status and location, ensuring readiness for every job. With Silver Fox labels, manage and identify assets efficiently, maintaining organization and compliance.

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