Leading Data Storage & Peripherals Manufacturer Signs Keating Technologies to Expand Their Presence in Canada

Toronto, ON – Acomdata, a leading provider of storage peripherals, wireless input devices and A/V convergence products, announces a sales and marketing partnership with Keating Technologies for the Canadian market.

“Acomdata’s relationship with Keating comes at the end of a long, extensive search for a key Canadian Sales & Marketing partner who is capable of sharing and implementing our ambitious vision for the future of computing,” says Michael Nitti, vice president of Acomdata.

Acomdata in the past three years has rapidly become one of the leading brand name manufacturers of external hard drives in the North American market. Through their innovation, value and first to market strategy, Acomdata is bringing the latest technologies to the market, at current technology price points.

Their first to market strategy has included such innovations as the first manufacturer in the world to ship a 6-card Flash reader, USB 2.0 hard drives, USB 2.0/FireWire combo drives and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 readers. Acomdata continues to differentiate themselves in the marketplace with features, style and elegance of not only their external hard drives but leading edge wireless input devices and A/V convergence products like the MultiMedia Viewer. Their latest product, the RocketPod, is a clear example of this, providing a modular, portable, elegant and high performance peripheral device.

“The external hard drive market is currently the 2nd fastest growing peripheral category in the world due to the rapid growth of the digital media market and the need to store photographs and digital film,” says Larry J. Keating, president and chief executive officer of Keating Technologies Inc. “With innovative products such as the RocketPod, Acomdata will quickly become a household name for not only storage devices but for wireless connectivity and A/V solutions within the home.”

Keating will broaden Acomdata’s retail presence through retail and mass merchants chains as well as through aggressive expansion of the VAR channel. With Acomdata’s leading edge products like the MultiMedia Viewer & RocketPod, Keating will have the opportunity to grow Acomdata’s presence into alternative channels.

About Acomdata
Acomdata has been an OEM supplier of computer peripherals for over 15 years to some of the world’s leading companies. Three years ago, Acomdata entered the North American market as a brand name provider of storage peripherals such as internal and external Optical Devices (CD/DVD-RW), Hard Drives and Flash Card Readers. Our corporate vision is to be first to market with leading edge high technology peripherals at compelling consumer price points. Acomdata’s product suite includes data storage, wireless input devices and A/V convergence products. For additional information go to: www.acomdata.com.