NetAlly Announces AirMagnet is Back with Software Updates

As part of our commitment to your AirMagnet customers, we are pleased to announce the release of multiple AirMagnet software updates on April 14, 2020:

Software Updates
- Survey PRO v9.3
- Survey Express v9.3
- Survey on Demand v9.3
- Survey Mobile v1.1.2
- Planner v9.3
- Spectrum XT v3.10
- WiFi Analyzer PRO v11.3.2

Not only will all the AirMagnet products be rebranded as part of this release, we will also introduce multiple product enhancements:

Survey PRO
- Wi-Fi 6 Survey Support
- iPerf 3 and Test Accessory Support
- Lots of new Antenna Patterns
- AP Name Support for More Vendors
- Extreme Networks
- Mist Networks
Spectrum XT
- Wi-Fi 6 Support

This will be a great time to follow up with your old AirMagnet customers whose AllyCare support contract expired or is about to expire. You should also take this opportunity to approach users that are not happy with other solutions on the market. To help with this effort, the NetAlly marketing and product management teams are providing the following:

- Rebranded customer-facing resources
- Partner enablement sessions
- Social Media and Email announcements
- Customer-facing “AirMagnet – What’s New” webinar

You will be able to find all the rebranded AirMagnet customer-facing resources on the Partner Portal in the ”Sales Tools” tab in the Playbook “AirMagnet Software Releases”.