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NetAlly Launches New AllyRewards Program

Today is the NetAlly launch of AllyRewards! AllyRewards is a great way for your customers to get even more value from their purchase of NetAlly products, and for YOU – our valued partner – to sell even more.

How does it work?

The program offer is simple: For a limited time (April 6th – September 30th, 2020), purchasers of a NetAlly AirCheck™ G2 Wi-Fi Tester or LinkRunner® G2 Smart Network Tester are eligible to receive a FREE* reward for each tester purchased. Your customers can choose from either a Test Accessory Pocket iPerf Server or LinkSprinter® Pocket Network Tester as their reward – either one helps them get more done! All they have to do is to claim their free reward after purchase via this link.

Benefits to Your Customers – Why they should care…

More than just a “free gift” (both more than $400 USD), the AllyRewards program gives your customers a valuable, useful add-on to their purchase that makes them and their team more productive.








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