NetAlly Launches Industry’s First Handheld Analyzer for Wi-Fi 6/6E Testing

An upgrade for the wired and wireless EtherScope® nXG network analyzer provides full visibility of Wi-Fi 6 across all three 802.11 bands.

Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA – May 19, 2022 – NetAlly, a leading innovator of Ethernet and Wi-Fi test and analysis solutions, today announced the upcoming availability on June 8, 2022, of the industry’s first handheld Wi-Fi 6/6E test instrument with the latest model of their EtherScope® nXG Portable Network Expert.

“Wi-Fi 6/6E brings a myriad of advantages from greenfield 6GHz spectrum to mandatory WPA3/OWE security,” says James Kahkoska, NetAlly CTO. “The EtherScope nXG has been fully updated with new hardware and software to ensure connectivity, provisioning, and monitoring of the new Wi-Fi protocols and frequencies, in addition to all legacy Wi-Fi technologies.”

But successful Wi-Fi 6/6E deployments need more than just visibility of Wi-Fi signaling, with access points needing multi-gig link speeds and higher-power PoE. In addition to Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity and scanning capabilities, EtherScope provides full 90 watt TruPower® load testing and NBASE-T LANBERT™ performance testing to ensure both rock-solid power and signaling for new access point deployments.

Kahkoska continues, “From providing visibility into Reduced Neighbor Reports and Multi-BSSID provisioning, to surveying 6Ghz coverage, capacity, and performance with AirMapper® (NetAlly’s site survey and cloud-enabled heatmapping software), and even 2.5GBASE-T backhaul qualification over existing Cat5 cabling, EtherScope is the single tool to ensure all aspects of your network as you venture into the new spectrum.”

Rowell Dionicio, Managing Director of Packet6, specializing in enterprise Wi-Fi solutions, says, “Wi-Fi 6/6E brings a plethora of complexities to our Wi-Fi networks. I am amazed with the swift innovation from NetAlly to produce a handheld tool that prepares network engineers for the next-generation of Wi-Fi. I feel absolutely confident in understanding and validating the latest technologies and features brand-new to our industry using a tool like the EtherScope nXG.”

Mike Parrottino, NetAlly CEO adds, “The Wi-Fi 6/6E EtherScope nXG is the latest in a long line of ‘firsts’ for our company. Twenty years ago we launched the WaveRunner, the industry’s first handheld Wi-Fi tester. Now once again with the latest EtherScope, NetAlly is putting critical visibility of this new technology into the hands of our customers.”

Current EtherScope nXG owners will be able to take advantage of NetAlly’s customer loyalty program to acquire this new technology at a significant discount. For more information about Wi-Fi 6/6E and the EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert, please visit 

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