NetAlly Releases AirMagnet Survey PRO v11

NetAlly’s AirMagnet Survey PRO has just been enhanced with some great new features designed to simplify Wi-Fi 6E troubleshooting and validation!

So, what’s new?

Wi-Fi 6E Site Survey Support

You will now be able to analyze, troubleshoot, and validate Wi-Fi 6E networks using AirMagnet Survey PRO! This release introduces the ability to perform Wi-Fi 6 site surveys on the 6 GHz band using both internal and external Wi-Fi 6E radios.

Support for Wi-Fi 6E AirMapper Site Surveys

It will now be easier than ever to perform Wi-Fi 6E site surveys! No dongles, no laptops or tablets, and no tethered devices required! Starting on this release you will be able to import 6 GHz Wi-Fi site survey data collected using AirMapper on the AirCheck™ G3 or EtherScope® nXG into AirMagnet Survey PRO.

Updated Wi-Fi Naming Convention

To make it easier to differentiate between the different versions of Wi-Fi currently available in the market, in this release we have started using the new Wi-Fi Alliance naming convention.

New Antenna Patterns

Need access to the latest antenna patterns? You got them! This release introduces a lot of new antenna patterns.

Click here to read the full release notes for the newest AirMagnet Survey PRO.