NetAlly Releases the CyberScope Air, Wi-Fi Vulnerability Scanner & Tester

The CyberScope Air from NetAlly offers unique and comprehensive network security assessment, analysis, and reporting from a single, powerful, portable tool.

With this new vulnerability scanner and tester, assessing the cybersecurity posture of wireless networks against policies, generating reports, and performing ongoing monitoring for changes has never been easier. It enables security and network operator teams to discover, validate, and scan edge infrastructure and IoT, OT, and ICS devices whether they have wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Key Features

Wireless discovery with integrated vulnerability scanning
Quickly inventory wireless infrastructure and devices, both managed and unmanaged, locate rogue assets, scan for vulnerabilities with integrated Nmap technology, and compare against baselines to determine anomalies or deviations.

Simple UI
Easy to use for all staffing levels, and collaboration features allow sharing between teams. Network discovery and vulnerability scanning can be automated, and secure remote access allows expert staff to remotely assist from anywhere if necessary.

Wi-Fi security validation
Easily validate edge infrastructure hardening, including wireless access point security. Supports 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands, offers numerous advanced cybersecurity capabilities to test for presence or use of wireless attributes; Wi-Fi PMF/Personal/Client Isolation, mDNS/DNS-SD, and beaconing.

Link-Live collaboration, reporting, and analytics
Maximize team efficiencies, enhance assessments/audits, improve cybersecurity posture with the combination of CyberScope and Link-Live.

The CyberScope Air also contains all the wireless testing, troubleshooting, and surveying features present in the AirCheck G3 Pro, making it a comprehensive wi-fi vulnerability scanner and a wireless network performance tester in one!

In short, security practitioners and network engineers can use the CyberScope Air vulnerability scanner & tester to comprehensively gain situational awareness of their wireless edge networks.