NetAlly Releases New AirCheck™ G3 and Loyalty Upgrade Program

Get ready for the next generation in wireless analysis, the AirCheck G3! With plenty of reasons to get you wired up, like native Wi-Fi 6 and 6GHz support, cloud remote control, spectrum analysis, plus wired and wireless topology mapping, just to name a few.

If that doesn’t get you and your customers wired up (pun intended), how about the multiple Wi-Fi and BT/BLE radios for running different types of surveys at the same time? And last but not least, a HUGE improvement in  battery life. More than double the run time and half the charge time compared to the AirCheck G2.

Loyalty Upgrade Program

For a limited time and as a thank you to loyal AirCheck G2 owners, NetAlly is pleased to offer an upgrade path to the new AirCheck G3 Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Analyzer. This is not a trade-in program, you get to keep your existing AirCheck G2, allowing you to equip more team members for Wi-Fi validation and troubleshooting!

Find more details about the loyalty program and how to take advantage of this offer, click here.