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NETSCOUT Announces the LinkRunner G2 Smart Network Tester

LinkRunner G2 Improves the Effectiveness of Network Operations by Automating Manual Processes and Combining Enhanced Copper and Fiber Ethernet Testing with the Use of Mobile Apps in a Single Device

LinkRunner™ G2, the latest addition to NETSCOUT’s nGenius® Internet of Things (IoT) solutions set, is a simple comprehensive testing platform that empowers technicians responsible for IoT and network device deployment and troubleshooting. LinkRunner streamlines workflows by combining the essential aspects of installation and triage in a single, ruggedized unit.

LinkRunner G2 accelerates IoT deployments and eliminates finger pointing by combining high-wattage PoE and network connectivity testing with vendor apps on the Android™ OS1. This creates a streamlined installation and troubleshooting workflow. LinkRunner G2 enables technicians to review installation documentation, test loaded UPOE across all four pair and network services, automatically document the results, and use other vendor-specific apps to configure and triage connected devices.

Using LinkRunner G2 with its wired Ethernet capabilities and hardened Android OS, the technician can complete the job from start to finish – not only the network testing, but all aspects of their workflow. They can receive a trouble ticket, review documentation, test the network, automatically document the results, and use other vendor-specific apps to triage and configure connected devices.

LinkRunner G2 AutoTest includes testing of loaded PoE up to UPOE on all four pair, Ethernet speed and duplex verification at 10/100/1000 Mbps, switch name/slot/port VLAN/voice VLAN, DHCP, DNS and Gateway connectivity testing, as well as Ping and TCP port connectivity. LinkRunner G2 supports both copper and fiber network connectivity testing. Fiber testing supports 100/1000 BASE-X. For copper, additional cable test diagnostics are provided including distance-to-fault.

LinkRunner G2 integrates with the encrypted and highly secure Link-Live results management database, which is used by all NETSCOUT handheld testers. LinkRunner G2 automatically uploads test results at the completion of each test, facilitating more collaboration between network engineers and technicians as well as greater job visibility, project control, and fleet management.

Furthermore, users have the ability to include comments, such as a wall jack location or trouble ticket number that are uploaded and associated with the test results. Users can even attach a photo (using the on-board camera!) of items such as an asset tag, serial number, or QR code.

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