New Product from Wilson Electronics: Enterprise 4330

Wilson Electronics celebrates a big milestone today with the release of the Enterprise 4330, an all-in-one, future-ready solution for managing your toughest signal mitigation challenges to provide consistent connectivity wherever business takes you.

It is designed for a continuous signal in any environment and on any band or channel, and engineered to provide the highest level of confidence in system performance. It also comes equipped with WilsonPro Cloud for remote monitoring and configuration anywhere, anytime.

Key Features

eXtended Dynamic Range technology (XDR)
Continuously performs environmental scanning to detect and optimize variances in signal strength across all five bands (low band spectrum) throughout North America. Ensures gains are optimized up and down, so network overload or amplifier shutdowns are avoided.

Interface Designed for Performance
Instead of relying on a simple LED to communicate its status, the Enterprise 4330 has a fully functional touchscreen LCD display. This makes it easier to install and see how the unit is functioning to ensure peak performance.

Adaptable Use Modes
Because each environment is different, you have the option to configure each band in either wideband or channelized mode, based on signal strength.

Flex-mode configuration can be configured in both wideband and channelized modes to optimize signal strength and quality in any environment, for any carrier. In channelized mode, software defined filtering individually and dynamically optimizes specified channels on each band to the greatest signal strength authorized by the FCC.

Precise Channel Optimization
Peak network performance and total reliability across all carrier channels; continuously optimizes signal strength by scanning the macro network environment and detecting performance gaps in signal strength across each individual channel within all 5 bands (i.e. 12/17, 13, 5, 4, 25).

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