SlingProjector for videos is now available on Slingbox® 500

Feature wirelessly streams personal videos from any iPhone or Android smartphone to your big-screen TV

What: Sling Media is pleased to announce that SlingProjector for Videos is now available to Slingbox 500 customers as part of a just-released firmware and software client upgrade. SlingProjector wirelessly streams personal photos — and now videos — to your TV’s big screen for family and friends to enjoy together.

Who: Pioneers of “TV Anywhere” technology, Sling Media recently introduced new Slingbox products – the Slingbox 500 and Slingbox 350 — that deliver live and on-demand streaming of all of your favorite TV shows, sporting events, recorded programming and premium content to your mobile device of choice in up to Full HD 1080p resolution, with no additional subscription fees required.

Why: The Slingbox is the perfect gift for sports fans, technophiles, frequent travelers or anyone who wants to view their entire channel lineup via their PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or connected TV.

How: In order to take advantage of this new feature, Slingbox 500 customers must:

(1) Update the SlingPlayer software on their iPhone or Android smartphone.
(2) From the TV-screen user interface OR a PC/Mac, confirm that the firmware on the Slingbox 500 is version 1.1.192.
a. TV-screen user interface: Click on About → Firmware Version
b. PC/Mac: Connect to your Slingbox 500, then click SettingsSlingbox Info Firmware Version

These updates were automatically rolled out to customers starting the evening of Tuesday, December 11, 2012. If your firmware has not updated, you can manually update firmware on the TV-screen user interface: AboutFirmware VersionUpdate.

The suggested retail price for the Slingbox 500 is $299.99 and can be purchased in the U.S. and Canada at and, as well as leading retailers including Best Buy (U.S. and Canada), (U.S. only), Future Shop (Canada only) and other independent retailers.

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