weBoost’s New Commercial Fleet Connectivity Solutions are Now Here

With the Drive Reach OTR Fleet and Drive X OTR Fleet,* drivers enjoy the use of enhanced cell signal coverage throughout their vehicles; while fleet managers and dispatchers stay informed about the location of every van or truck throughout their organization in real time. With the versatile, modular design of their OTR Truck Edition antennas, the OTR versions of our popular Drive Reach Fleet and Drive X Fleet boosters configure to the mounting needs of almost any fleet vehicle; elevating up to 45” above any rooftop obstruction. If the nonstop operation of cell-based telematics tracking systems and staying in constant contact with drivers in remote rural locales and densely populated urban centers alike matter, contact your authorized weBoost sales rep today.
*Drive Reach OTR Fleet and Drive X OTR Fleet adhere to our new MAP policy for commercial fleet products.