WilsonPro Announces a New Cloud-managed Cellular Amplifier

The industry’s first cloud-managed and controlled cellular signal amplifier.

The WilsonPro Cloud service and Pro 1000C amplifier allow an installer to manage and monitor cellular amps from any device that run a web browser. Integrators can get customizable email and text notifications to alert them to any status change of installed amplifiers, including notification if a system ever goes offline.

Pro 1000C Key Features
- Remotely reset an amp or turn specific frequency bands on & off
- Generate reports & view performance histories on your phone
- Organize monitored amps by account and location
- Remote donor antenna tuning tool
- Included 1-year WilsonPro Cloud service subscription
- Covers up to 35,000 sq ft with enhanced 4G LTE & 3G signal
- +15 dB max downlink power for expanded indoor coverage
- Includes XDR – won’t shut down due to overpowering tower signal
- Full color display for easy system set up
- Works with all Canadian cellular networks

For more information watch the product video.