Xircon appoints Keating Technologies to champion growing Canadian customer base

Markham, ON – Keating Technologies Inc., a Markham based manufacturers’ representing firm for American high technology companies, announced today their appointment as the exclusive Canadian representative for Xircom, Inc., of Woodland Hills, California.

Xircom is a developer of external connectivity devices who just one year ago introduced the Pocket Ethernet Adapter, the industry’s first external Ethernet controller for IBM compatible laptop or desktop PC’s. Xircom recently added the Pocket Arcnet Adapter and the Pocket Token Ring Adapter to its growing line of Pocket LAN Adapters. About the size of a garage-door opener, a Pocket LAN Adapter connects directly to a PC’s parallel port, requiring no internal expansion slots. They are designed for laptop users or for desktop users who have run out of slots or power, or require instant connection to a LAN. By using the parallel port, the Pocket LAN Adapters avoid the problems of configuration switches, and interrupt and address conflicts that are common with other LAN adapters.

“We see the Canadian market as a large opportunity for us”, said Mr. Steve Magidson, Xircom’s Marketing VP. “With Keating’s experience and contacts in the channel and the corporate community, they are the ideal people to represent us, and we are very excited to be working with them”, he continued.

Keating Technologies, a four year old manufacturers’ representing firm, specializes in microcomputer connectivity products. In the past six months they have won two major awards for their Canadian representation services to American microcomputer companies. They will be providing sales promotion, marketing support, product education, and technical support services for the complete line of Xircom products.

“Without a doubt, Xircom has one the most innovative and one of the hottest LAN products on the market today.” commented Mr. Larry Keating, President of Keating Technologies. “The proliferation of laptop computers and LAN’s in Canada has been incredible and we know Xircom’s solutions will be enthusiastically received.”

Keating Technologies will be promoting and supporting all six versions of the Pocket LAN Adapters: Pocket Ethernet for Thin Coax, MAU and Unshielded Twisted Pair connections; Pocket Token Ring at 4Mbps; and Pocket Arcnet for Coax and Unshielded Twisted Pair, both supporting point-to-point or bus topologies. The suggested Canadian retail price for the Pocket Ethernet Adapter is $995, the Pocket Token Ring Adapter is $1,195, and the Pocket Arcnet Adapter is $579.

Arcnet is a registered trademark of Datapoint Corporation. Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox Corporation. Xircom is a registered trademark of Xircom, Inc.