NetAlly Case Study: COVID Impacts Require Accurate Network Testing

With the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems around the world needed to rapidly expand capacity to effectively treat a large number of critical care patients. With this possible exponential growth in the numbers of patients needing treatment, this healthcare provider embarked on a plan to convert standard patient wards in their hospitals to ICU-level (intensive care unit) emergency overflow wards, which required reassigning data jacks to the critical care patient VLAN.

The problem was that they had no quick and accurate way to identify the port assignments. Manual methods, such as utilizing a cumbersome laptop, hand-writing the information (including the room, wall-plate, and jack numbers), and collating that data for the report to the network team was time-consuming and open to error. In the delivery of patient care, errors are simply unacceptable, and time of the essence.

Their biomed technician team turned to the NetAlly LinkSprinter® Pocket Network Tester and the secure Link-Live cloud service. Find out how this solution saved hours of time and ensured error-free changes.


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